To complete this assignment you will need to go back to the

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To complete this assignment you will need to go back to the Policy Speech discussion board and watch your 4 assigned speeches then write up a peer evaluation (criteria below) for each to submit here. I recommend taking notes while you watch and then transcribing your notes into a word (or similar) document to submit. Save and submit separate documents for each person, naming each file the speakers’s first name (so if you are evaluating Bob, Sue, and Ming then name the files Bob.docx, Sue.docx, and Ming.docx). That way I’ll be able to download them all and re-upload them to the recipient more easier (and get them back to you more quickly!). When I give you my speech feedback, I will also pass on each peer eval so you can read each other’s comments/suggestions. Refer back to the Evaluating speeches assignment description for evaluation criteria if necessary. There is a sampleACTIONSin the files section in canvas.Use the Peer evaluation feedback templateACTIONS provided in the files section of canvas: make sure to include the speaker, evaluator, and topic information. Copy and paste the template for each speaker you are required to evaluate.Observation: make note of 3 things they do well and 3 things they need to work on (with enough information that it is helpful – i.e. ‘need better eye contact’ doesn’t help much, but ‘it seems like your eye contact favors specific people on your left side of the audience’ is better – giving specific examples of things you observed would be even better.Overall assessment: leave a personal note about your overall impressions of the speech (rather than delivery specifics)… did they seem more comfortable this speech than previous speeches? did they say anything that surprised you? how did their speech affect you? was it interesting? did you learn anything? or anything else you feel would be helpful for them to know/hear to improve for future speeches.You will need to do all parts for all 4 speakers (1pt/evaluation)! Make sure to use the template and submit each eval as a separate file so I can get them out to everyone quickly!

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