“Becoming Modern”




Assignment: Write a thoughtful and well-written 1-2 pages (about 250-500 words) historical analysis and please try to submit the assignment by the end of Week 4 (Sunday, September 20th) if possible (you can still submit it after that).
Expectations: 1-2 pages (about 250-500 words) of clear and strong quality writing, definitely proofread!, using any appropriately cited evidence to support your interpretation.

The political revolutions beginning in the late 1700s and industrialization, or the “Industrial Revolution,” are often combined by historians who discuss these “dual revolutions” as forming the immediate basis for our “modern” world. Would you agree with this “dual revolutions form the basis for the modern world” argument or disagree? Why?
You might want to focus on either aspect, political revolution or economic revolution, or both as you prefer.

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