Complete a detailed research paper by answering the followin

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Complete a detailed research paper by answering the following questions and include an 5 to 7 page paper with at least eight sources, seven peer reviewed sourcesWhat change models are most effective in today’s organizations and why?Select a familiar organization (one that you have personal experience)Identify and describe the organization and the challenges that it is facing.How would you transform the organization?Develop a new vision and implementation plan.Please use this strategy when you analyze a case:Identify and write the main issues found discussed in the case (who, what, how, where and when (the critical facts in a case).List all indicators (including stated ‘problems’) that something is not as expected or as desired.Briefly analyze the issue with theories found in your textbook or other academic materials. Decide which ideas, models, and theories seem useful. Apply these conceptual tools to the situation. As new information is revealed, cycle back to sub steps a and b.Identify the areas that need improvement (use theories from your textbook)Specify and prioritize the criteria used to choose action alternatives.Discover or invent feasible action alternatives.Examine the probable consequences of action alternatives.Select a course of action.Design and implementation plan/schedule.Create a plan for assessing the action to be implemented.Conclusion (every paper should end with a strong conclusion or summary)Writing Requirements5-7 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)APA format,

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