Description: Write a 4–6 page paper (six pages maximum) in

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Description: Write a 4–6 page paper (six pages maximum) in which you reflect onhow the person you are today has been influenced by your group affiliations.1. Explore, describe, and define your own cultural group(s) and cultural identify. Thinkabout your personality, places you have visited, people you have met, and discusshow or why these places or people have changed your attitudes or actions.2. Examine your unique worldview, which includes your assumptions and perceptions. Youcan also consider the diversity within your family. How different are you from yoursiblings or from your parents?3. How have your reference groups (race, ethnicity, gender, social class, religion, and sexualorientation) influenced your development as a person?4. Describe your sense of ethnic or racial identity. Do you consider yourself a member of anethnic or racial group? Why or why not? What labels do you use to describe youridentity? What labels do others use?5. What information from the course text or other scholarly source supports your ideas?What questions have they raised for you?Be sure to include source citations in your paper and include the course text to support yourideas. A minimum of three sources are required. The paper must follow APA format.1. I am a girl immigrant from middle eastBook:

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