Mozart Requiem Sir Colin Davis 2004


Look up this video on youtube and write a paper about it in musical terms (Yes, you have to listen to the whole concert but you don’t have to necessarily write about every detail. Just choose a few areas that stuck out and go from there. When talking about a section of music try to use as much detail as possible. The following bullets are materials that you might want to include in your report. You do not have to include every detail. Just include things that you think are important. Try not to write in general. Things you might want to include (optional): Name of the concert or event Name of the performers Date the concert took place or was recorded Specific titles of works What instruments did you hear? How were people dressed (Audience and performers) Information from the program about the works Historical information that you researched about the works or composer (always cite anything you use that is not your property) Your impressions of different works or movements of works? Include musical terms if possible. If not tell me what it reminds you of. Audience response (if any) Summary of your experience and if you would recommend this performance to others



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