or this term, the general topic of domestic and family viole

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or this term, the general topic of domestic and family violence has been chosen. However, you must develop a more specific topic. Ask yourself, “When considering all the potential issues related to domestic and family violence, I would like to know more about ….?” and, “Is there an area in which I already have particular knowledge?” For example, if you are presently employed with or intend to pursue a career in the area of law enforcement, you might consider examining the effects of occupational stress on engaging in domestic violence. If you decided to examine something from a societal perspective, you can analyze public perceptions about domestic and family violence, enforcement of mandatory arrest, or other polices. Does the community believe police officers are effective at preventing and reducing domestic violence? Do public awareness campaigns addressing domestic or family violence work? In the course of narrowing your topic, you will need to conduct research on the web and/or at the library. As a source of supplemental information, you may interview a professional in the field; however, the interview will not count as one of the required sources for your paper. You will need to choose a topic that can be handled in a 12 page paper. Example of a specific topic: The impact of coping mechanisms on decreasing recidivist incidents of domestic and family violenceDevelopment of Thesis: A crucial step in writing is the determination of a clear thesis which can be supported. The thesis differs from the topic in that the topic tells what you are writing about, while the thesis states what you are going to say about the topic. For example, if the topic is: ‘ The relationship between education and the likelihood of someone perpetrating domestic or family violence” then one might develop the following thesis: “People with a college education are less likely to perpetrate domestic or family violence than those with only a high school diploma.” Keep in mind that you are not being graded on your opinion, but on your ability to communicate and support a point of view (your thesis). Supporting the thesis means utilizing appropriate and compelling evidence to clarify and support the point of view; that evidence will come from your research.PLEASE USE MOST OF MY REFERENCE TO DO THE RESEARCH !!!

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