Othering in short story “Cubby Space”



In the stories we have read in this class, examine one or two instances in which such othering occurs. If you
choose one instance, you should examine it very thoroughly, in a close reading covering all of the points below
(that is, the ones that are relevant to your chosen story). If you choose two instances—either from different
stories or from within the same story—you can do a comparative analysis if you choose, examining the
similarities and differences between the two. Remember, our focus is on the narrative—i.e., the stories
themselves—as opposed to the social conditions they are portraying (this is not a sociology class, and I am not
qualified to teach one).
Some examples of instances you might choose to examine:
A major character is othered by someone else in the story;
A major character is othered by their culture, their society, or their legal system (e.g., systemic racism);
A major character engages in othering someone else in the story, whether directly and actively or by passively
participating in a systemic inequity



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