Searching for Causes:There are a variety of causal factors t

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Searching for Causes:There are a variety of causal factors that can and will contribute to criminal behavior. According to your textbook, ‘A theory is a set of interrelated propositions that attempt to describe, explain, predict, and ultimately control some class of events.’*Review the video documentary on Ed Kemper and/or the video of his interview from the links below.’ Complete the tasks at the end of the page.Ed Kemper Interview Link (Links to an external site.)Back-up link in the event you are using a different electronic device.Ed Kemper Documentary Link (Links to an external site.)Tasks:Describe Ed Kemper’s (Kemper) criminal activities and any additional background information you can research about him. Discuss how the various theoretical schools noted below would attempt to explain his behavior. For example, biological theorists might argue that Kemper was born to be a serial murderer. However, sociological theorists would argue that Kemper was shaped by his environment. You may combine any of theories to explain this offender’s behavior. Remember to start your response with a high-level overview of the facts of the case.*The eight general theories explaining criminal behavior are noted below:ClassicalBiologicalPsychobiologicalPsychologicalSociologicalSocial ProcessConflictEmergentGeneral Guidelines for the assignment:Since you are the future leaders of tomorrow, the questions are meant to invoke your critical thinking skills. Be sure to submit a substantive response to earn maximum points. Start with an introductory paragraph to give the reader a clear picture of the topic. Assume that the reader has no knowledge of the subject matter and that you are being tasked with explaining the concepts. Subsequent paragraphs should support your topic with researched information from your textbook, outside resources, and your independent assessment. Be sure to end with a concluding paragraph and cite your sources. NO PLAGIARISM USE ONLY SOURCE PROVIDED AND MAKE SURE IT IS WORK CITED

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