Skill Building: Evaluating research articles for the literat

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Skill Building: Evaluating research articles for the literature review and APA citation style. Instructions: a) Reading: Reading Social Research” in Babbie’s Basics of Social Research (Chapter 15) and Appendix A – Using the Library b) Reading: Read the peer-reviewed research article assigned by the professor c) Use information from the article to answer the following questions. Include the page number(s) and paragraph(s) in the article where you found the information.1. What is the purpose of the study? What is the hypothesis? 2. What prior research, theory, expert opinion, or statistics are cited in the literature review section of the article? 3. Who participated (sample) in the study and how were they selected? 4. What procedures were followed to obtain consent and protect participants? 5. What research instrument(s) were used to collect data? 6. What procedures were used to analyze the data 7. What results are reported by the researchers? 8. Are conclusions based on the results? 9. What biases and limitations are reported? 10. What recommendations for professional practice, programs, policy, and future research are provided? d) Write two different ways to do an APA in-text citation of the article e) Write two different ways, one for print and one for the online version of the article, to list the article in an APA style reference list

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