The article ‘Ideology of Affluence: Rich Americans’

You should critically analyze the article ‘Ideology of Affluence: Rich Americans’ Explanations for Inequality and Attitudes toward Redistribution’. The paper should be between 5 and 6 double-spaced pages each (and not (much) less than 5 or more than 6). The goal of the response paper is NOT to summarize the texts, but rather to critically examine how
well the text(s) accomplish the author(s’) goal. Please see the ‘Four Questions Guidelines’ when considering the texts and approaching this assignment. Here are the questions (in a less structured format) that you should consider when crafting a unified account of the texts:
– What is the main problem or issue the author(s) are addressing?
– What is the authors’ central claim, argument or point?
– What evidence does authors use to support their claim?
– What do you think about their claim and evidence?
– Why are the problem(s) and the argument(s) interesting and important? Most importantly:
Why are they relevant to the questions we are investigating in class (i.e., What is Inequality? Where does it come from? And, why does it matter?)?
I think you can craft a much richer and stronger paper if you analyze more than one text together. You can bring in outside readings or any of the other 2 articles I added in the resources ‘Why people prefer unequal societies’ or ‘The Psychology of Inequality’ – but the main text you’re analyzing must come from ‘Ideology of Affluence: Rich Americans’ Explanations for Inequality and Attitudes toward Redistribution’. Here are some additional questions to consider when you bring outside reading or the additional article I linked in the resources:
– How do the texts relate to one another? Do the authors agree? Disagree? Address different aspects of an issue? Formulate a problem in different ways?
– In what way (if any) does the information or argument of one text strengthen or weaken the argument of others? Does integrating the claims in two or more of the texts advance your understanding of the larger argument/topic?


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