–The article text is attached in the Word document•Review

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–The article text is attached in the Word document•Review the article. Describe what the article is about (600 words or more), providing evidence for how the article connects to your social psychological topic. Remember to identify the article and author(s) using correct APA (in-text) format in your introductory paragraph. •Evaluate the article. This is the most important part of your essay,so make sure this is comprehensive! For example, you might discuss how you felt the article was accurate or thorough. In this case, you will want to show how it specifically contributed to the field of knowledge. On the other hand, if you conclude that the article is limited in some way or misleading, you will need to provide examples to support why you feel this way. Use examples from the article and connect it to your understanding. Elaborate as much as you can. •Make a conclusion. In other words, wrap your ideas back together and compose an eloquent summary and conclusion. What did you think of it? What did you learn? What should happen next? •Add an APA References section. After the conclusion of your essay, beginning at the top of the next full page, create a References section and include the complete APA citation for your journal article.

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