Women’s rights and access to abortion serviceSubmit a one-

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Women’s rights and access to abortion serviceSubmit a one-page proposal to the appropriate dropbox by the date specified in the course calendar. The proposal is to contain the following:Identify the topic in a single paragraph by:Include a bibliography listing the three primary sources. The citations are to be formatted using MLA citation style.Summarize the policy topic you will be addressing.Describe the current status of the policy or topic.Describe why the policy is important.A model proposal has been provided in eCampus.Revise and Resubmit Policy: The purpose of the proposal process is for your instructor to confirm that 1) you have selected three appropriate peer-reviewed journal articles and 2) that you have selected an appropriate topic. Additionally, it allows your instructor to give you feedback on your writing (grammar, sentence composition, punctuation, and spelling) as well as your use of proper MLA citation formatting.Should you submit a proposal that does not address a topic that meet the criteria, or does not have three peer-reviewed journal articles, you will be asked to “revise and resubmit” the assignment. In such cases, each revision will be deducted 10 points and after 4 attempts the assignment will earn a zero and will be considered incomplete.

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