Think like a ClinicianCase study DiscussionInstructions: Dis

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Think like a ClinicianCase study DiscussionInstructions: Discuss Psychoeducation: Teaching Skills for Special Populations.To fulfill the requirements for this discussion, you will need to read the case study ‘Working with a Person with HIV’ on page 403 in your text and respond to the following questions: (Goldenberg, Irene. Family Therapy: An Overview (p. 403). Cengage Learning.)’Working with a Person with HIV’Sergei is a 17-year-old illegal immigrant from Russia. A week ago, he was admitted to a hospital after overdosing on heroin. He also had been attacked and sustained multiple stab wounds, although none were life-threatening, and the wounds are healing well. A nurse tells you that Sergei was accompanied to the hospital by a young man who told the staff that Sergei recently had been diagnosed with HIV. She did not know if the young man was Sergei’s friend, boyfriend, or partner. A meeting has been planned that will include Sergei and his parents to discuss the young man’s needs regarding-drug use and HIV status. In advance of the meeting, you learn from Sergei’s mother that although she and her husband will attend the meeting, the father has more or less disowned his son. You meet Sergei in the hospital a few days before the family meeting. He strikes you as angry, even nasty. Initially you are repelled by him, but you don’t know why. He tells you nothing at all about himself and rather curtly dismisses you. He says he wants to get out of the hospital. When you mention the upcoming meeting with his parents, he flies into a rage and tells you he absolutely won’t participate. (Goldenberg, Irene. Family Therapy: An Overview (p. 403). Cengage Learning.)What needs might Sergei or his family have as illegal immigrants that are relevant to his present circumstances?What might you need to do in advance of meeting with Sergei and his family regarding their immigration status?How might you help Sergei and his family work with his HIV status? What cultural, social, language, and medical issues do you anticipate?What are the educational needs of Sergei and his family? Identify and discuss at least 2 psychoeducation teaching strategies you would use to promote knowledge and understanding.. .

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