What are the Key Forms of Collective Employment Regulations: Managing Employment Relations Essay, OP, New Zealand

The essay question is:

“What are the key forms of collective employment regulations in New Zealand? Evaluate their relative impacts”.

Discuss, making it clear on what evidence you base your overview of key forms of regulation, and on what grounds and evidence you are evaluating their impacts.

You will be marked on your ability to write a critical and informed discussion. Remember to answer ALL parts of the essay question.

While there is no ceiling to the number of references that you draw on for your essay, we recommend a minimum of 6 quality academic (peer-reviewed) sources.

Markers will look for professionally presented work displaying a thorough understanding of the topic, a strong argument supported by sound evidence (appropriately referenced), and an ability to evaluate material.

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Scope and quality

  • depth of discussion
  • appropriate use of literature
  • original analysis and synthesis of the topic

Structure and presentation

  • clarity
  • logical construction


  • quality of references
  • accurate use of APA
  • appropriate use of in-text citations

Overall quality

  • professional presentation
  • adherence to instructions (including word limit)


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