Discussion: (should complete by Tuesday)(Initial post 250 wo

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Discussion: (should complete by Tuesday)(Initial post 250 words)What is the purpose of Chapter 2 (Literature Review)What are some of the best practices?Identify an area that requires attention to detail.Note that to answer the question you will need to conduct some additional research online and on the school’s electronic database. Response Guidelines Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum. Post by the end of Wednesday to allow other students to read your threat and provide comments. Your main post should be a minimum of 250 words. Make sure your peer discussion address some of the terms and concepts presented in the course with a minimum of 100 words. Please respond to at least two learners. Your responses should be substantive (minimum of 100 words) and do at least one of the following:Ask a probing question.Offer a suggestion.Elaborate on a particular point.Provide an alternative opinion.Responses to peers such as ‘I agree with your point’, or responses that are not substantive and at the Graduate level will not receive maximum points.In your responses, reference the assigned readings and other theoretical, empirical, or professional literature as needed to support your views and writing.After completion of initial post i will provide you the 2 student post, you can reply to the student post(100 words each reply)Research paper:(complete by Wednesday)Complete Chapter 2 (Literature Review)

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