Final Paper and Presentation Instructions!The purpose of thi

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Final Paper and Presentation Instructions!The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student to demonstrate their knowledge of the scope, purpose and consequences of an evidenced-based Public Health program. The student will develop a Public Health intervention that is designed to alleviate a health challenge within their local community. The Public Health Program design will include information on the Need for the program, the Stakeholders involved and the Activities that they will be engaging in, and the overall Purpose of the intervention (Outcomes). The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Introduction to Program Evaluation for Public Health Program will be a useful guide in developing the program. !An Introduction – including background information on the Needs Assessment (why do we need this program?). Data collection from federal, state and local health agencies are an excellent source of information. Be sure to identify Stakeholders. !!Program Design – Discuss the Purpose of your program (Outcomes) and how you expect to achieve those Outcomes (Activities). Clearly identify the role of each Stakeholder. Include your plan for Evaluation with both Qualitative and Quantitive measurement tools. !!Conclusion – As this Public Health Plan will not actually be implemented, we can not actually Gather Evidence from our intervention. However, be sure to include ideas for Ensuring Widespread Adoption if and when the plan proves to be successful. Be sure to include a Logic Model! !The Final Presentation is the student’s opportunity to share their Public Health plan with their peer students. Each student will create a Power Point (or equivalent) Presentation to the class as if they were presenting to potential Stakeholders. In approximately 10 slides, be sure to address the Need for the program, identify the Stakeholders and their Activities, and discuss the targeted Outcomes. Be sure to discuss any previous programs that are similar in nature and were successful. !Be sure to include a Logic Model! !Be sure to include properly formatted references for both the Final Paper and the Final Presentation

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