For your assignment submission, you will need to include: Go

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For your assignment submission, you will need to include: Go to UN Sustainable Development Goal that you have selected (Use this page to pick one of the seventeen goals: (Links to an external site.). Click on the goal icon to learn more about the targets and indicators for your goal; this should help you with your keywords)The place (country, region, city, etc.) that you have selected to narrow your research3 peer-reviewed articles published in the last 5 years with the full-text available.For each of your articles, you need to provide: Key words used in search for each article (use different key terms or Boolean operators to find each article)The abstract for each article andMLA citations for each articleYou will also need to write 2-4 paragraphs about one of your articles. See the questions you will answer below.Include 2-4 paragraphs answering the following questions in the final document that you submit. Make sure to mention of the name of the article in your short response. What is the biggest focus of the article? What is the author trying to claim or prove? What is the author’s purpose (persuade, inform, inspire)? Who is the intended audience? Evaluate how well you think the author achieves his or her purpose (be specific in quoting exact phrases from the article that suggests the author’s purpose was or was not achieved). Evaluate the abstract. What is it missing? Which statements from the abstract accurately capture what the article is about?This video will walk you through each step in this assignment: (Links to an external site.)Rubric

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