In approximately 2.5 pages (700-800 words), critically analy

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In approximately 2.5 pages (700-800 words), critically analyze Dana Frank’s Women Strikers OccupyChain Store, Win Big: The 1937 Woolworth’s Strike. Consider the following: • This source deals with one labor struggle during the Great Depression. What contexts shaped workers’struggles and options for resistance? • Think about the possibilities and limits of working-class (and middle-class) solidarity within the retailindustry.• What were the workers’ demands?• What strategies and tactics did each side use throughout the course of the strike?• Think about the forms of power held by the workers and their bosses. How did each side try tooutmaneuver the other?• How did gender, age, and ethnicity impact the organizing efforts?• How did the media shape public perception of the strike and workers?• How did liberties expand or contract for workers during the 1930s?You must also reference to your course notes, Give Me Liberty, and other relevant primary sources.Avoid vague summarization. In order to form your thesis and present your argument clearly andeffectively, you need to read the book closely and critically. Make sure you analyze the logic andevidence. Again, be sure to ANALYZE, rather than summarize. I have read the book. Do not simply relaythe details of the strike. Please choose quotes and passages from the text selectively and wisely (no more than 10% of your essayshould be direct quotes). Do not try to cover everything. Select pieces from texts that interest you themost and/or help you answer the questions. Your analysis should be as specific as possible and focus onthe excerpts that you have chosen rather than merely presenting generalized statements or valuejudgments.FormatYour paper should be typed, double-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and in 12-point font. It must besubmitted to Blackboard as a .doc/x or .pdf file.Citation RequirementsWhen you are referencing the ideas of others, you must use citations. When you are referencing thewords of others, you must use quotation marks AND citations. If you do not, you are plagiarizing, whichwill result in an automatic zero. A bibliography at the end does not fulfill this requirement, and it is notrequired. Your essays should reflect YOUR thinking but draw evidence (proof that your ideas are correct)from the assigned sources. Use in-text citations, such as:• (Frank, p. 14)• (Ryan, A Living Wage)• (1302 Notes – The Progressives, Part 1 2/11/2020)DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES

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