it is an online class and will have all the info you need at

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it is an online class and will have all the info you need at the website.You have to complete the Forum 5,6 and Module 5,6 activity.For Forum 5,6 (20 points), It will tell you what to do, and what you need to be included.There will be twelve forum assignments this semester, one for each module. One time each week for C-level (70%) work, or several times each week (earlier and later in the week) for A- level or B-level work (80-100%), you will be required to participate in an online discussion on topics involving the Earth Sciences. More details of what will be expected of you can be found by reading the “Forum Participation Guidelines”. Forum posts cannot be accepted late for any reason. However, the lowest scored forum assignment will be dropped from your final grade, making this entire assignment worth 300 points. Some important notes: 1.) It is your responsibility to verify that your post actually posted onto the page before leaving a forum; 2.) Biology-focused posts are considered off-topic in the forum and won’t count for credit. See forum guidelines for more information; 3.) There is a presumption and expectation that all work submitted is above board and honest. However, realize that grades for discussion participation (and other assignments) can be retroactively changed at any time during the semester if plagiarism, cheating and/or dishonesty of any kind is discovered after a grade has been assigned. See the section titled “Policy on Academic Dishonesty” below for details. (Covers SLO’s 1, 2, 3 and 4)For Module Activitieshere will be twelve module activities this semester. Module activities are assignments that are completed after reading the associated chapter within your textbook and listening to the lecture within the modules assigned that week. Module Activities are due on the date/time stated within the instructions of each assignment. These assignments are designed to help introduce important concepts in the lecture as a first step to help students master the course material in preparation for subject mastery (i.e. study for exams!). These activities are both problem solving and/or review questions based on the lecture, module activity and/or films watched. You will turn in these activities online on iLearn. Emailed assignments are not accepted for any reason. Each activity will have submission instructions.If you have a situation where you cannot submit an activity by its due date, I will accept most activities late without penalty, but only for a specified period of time (see activity instructions for details). Once that period of time (the grace period) has passed, I will not accept the activity for any reason, including emergencies. However, the lowest activity score will be dropped from your final grade from the first six modules, then again for the last six modules, making this entire assignment worth 500 points. (Covers SLO’s 1, 2, 3 and 4)MODULE 5 IS DUE Feb 28 AND MODULE 6 IS DUE Mar 7

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