Please answer the following 5 questions in the position of C

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Please answer the following 5 questions in the position of California’s member district 1, Republican Agriculture committee in related to Texas’s member district 25, Republic Financial services.Please come up with a title.Section 1. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE/NEED – Provide a thorough explanation of why this bill is necessary or important. Specific details and supporting evidence should be included (i.e. facts, statistics from research). Consider including information about how this would benefit the people of your state/district. Minimum 6 bullet points of details.Section 2. PROVISIONS – ELIGIBILITY – This section of the bill identifies and explains exactly who (i.e. individuals or demographic groups) that are eligible to receive benefits proposed and/or who is ineligible; what is legal or illegal? Minimum 3 bullet points of details.Section 3. PROVISIONS – TERMS AND BENEFITS OF SERVICE – Provide specific details and explanations about what the bill will do and/or change. Be thorough and don’t leave anything out! Minimum 7 bullet points of details.Section 4. ADMINISTRATION – Identify and explain the role of any federal government agencies (ex: NASA, EPA, FCC, etc.), executive departments (ex: Departments of Defense, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, etc.) charged with carrying out and/or enforcing the provisions of the bill. In some bills, state and local governments may also play a role in carrying out/facilitating the provisions in the bill. Be sure to justify why you named the agency/department(s). Minimum of 300 words.Section 5. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS – If your bill requires funding (most of them do), then you must identify the amount of money your bill requires. Indicate how/why the government can/should afford to pay for this program. To get a sense of projected federal expenditures for this fiscal year, you can go to the website for examples. If your bill does not require funding, thoroughly explain why. Minimum of 300 words. * Cite any resources you use to answer this question. (To answer this question, you may find it helpful to refer to your assigned member’s official website, the congressional committee’s official website, search some news websites, or search for bills that your member has sponsored in the committee’s jurisdiction.)* The answer must be done on the originality of thoughts.*Work citations must be done fully and accurately.*NO plagiarism is allowed. All sentences must be paraphrased, easy to read and clear for the detail.

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