Preventative Stress Management

Preventative Stress Management 

Instructions for the Organizational Case Paper After reading the Case Study, your task is to take the information in the case study and present a 5-6 page proposal to the CEO Mark Cooper. This proposal will include three content areas: 1) Stressors present at Cooper Flooring: Identify and explain the types of stressors by discussing the 7 employees’ complaints, as well as the consequences of the resulting stress for the employees and the organization. Comprehensive Intervention Strategy: Explain primary, secondary and tertiary interventions levels, and why all three are necessary at different levels of the organization to ensure better stress management and prevention at the company. Recommendations: Recommend specific individual and organizational interventions to correct the negative organizational and individual outcomes resulting from distress and strain. Your sources must include the textbook and the associated article by Hargrove, Quick, Nelson and Quick (2011), and you can include any other readings from the course as additional sources if you wish. All 3 content areas must include citations to show your connections to, and application of, concepts from the course content. Your proposal for Mr. Cooper must be well-structured with the headings provided above. Follow APA style in format and citations/references as with your first paper.

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