QUESTION 1Please answer the questions below. Your answers sh

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QUESTION 1Please answer the questions below. Your answers should be given in essay form; note that the point value for each question roughly corresponds to the depth of response I expect from you. Put differently: don’t answer a 15-point question with 5-point response! Comprehensive answers are required for you to receive full credit. There are, however, no specific, quantitative requirements for the length of your responses. The best way of thinking about how you will answer the question sets is to write as if you are trying to convince me that you are an expert on the matter (which, if you take all of this advice seriously, you will be!). QUESTIONSIn your own words, explain the differences between feature theory, exemplar theory and prototype theory; briefly describe and explain data that support each of these theories. (15 points)In your own words, describe and explain two experiments meant to assess whether animals are capable of using the criterion of sameness to form perceptual categories. (10 points)What is meant by “mediated generalization” as an explanation for the success of chimpanzees in tests used to assess whether they are capable of concept formation? In your opinion, is this explanation valid, or is it an example of what De Waal (from Chapter 1 of “Are We Smart Enough…”) refers to as “anthropodenial”? Why? (10 points)QUESTION 2Select one of the career paths you heard about during the career fair (it may be the career path you researched). Write a brief reflection (minimum 500 words) discussing the following:summary of the career path and what interested you about itwhat could you do now to start preparing for that career path; that is, what classes or courses would be good to take, what kinds of out-of-class experiences would make you more qualified for either a graduate program or entry-level position in that field, what skills do you currently have versus need to gain, etc.where could you go to learn more about this career path – give at least two specific examples of resources you could use.Career path: Independent Consulting- Industrial Organizational PsychologyI WILL ATTACH ALL ATTACHMENTS AFTER BID

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