Requirements:Finished Draft, 3-4 pages, typed, double-spaced

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Requirements:Finished Draft, 3-4 pages, typed, double-spaced.Audience: this class and this teacher (me) –Assignment In his essay, “And Then I Went to School,” Joseph Suina tells his readers that his grandmother showeredhim with praise and made him feel like the “Indian Mr. Universe.” However, once he entered school, he sawhimself differently. Write a reflective* narrative essay explaining how an experience in school madeyou feel more or less confident as a student. Provide several significant examples or a single, richlydetailed example to illustrate how this experience affected you. You may, but are not required to, useexamples from Suina’s essay to help explain your own story. If you do, be sure to follow MLA guidelines forcitations.*by definition reflection requires some distance from the event, so you need to choose an event that tookplace at minimum several years ago. –Purpose Your purpose in writing this essay is to inform your reader, by example, how the actions of others canaffect individuals either positively or negatively.My purpose in assigning this essay is to give you the opportunity to focus on development and clearcoherent expression by working only with your own ideas and experience.The Scoring Rubric will be posted on Canvas.Free Write Sketches and Zero Draft Assignments (Please do not begin these parts of the assignmentuntil we have started them in class.) –Freewrite SketchesStep One— (if you know exactly what you plan to write about, you can skip step one)Set a timer and write brainstorm for 2 or 3 minutes a list of possible experiences for this assignment. Ifabsolutely nothing comes to mind, write in sentences, without stopping, starting with “I have never had anexperience in school that made me feel good or bad about myself as a student….” and see what comes next.Step Two—Choose one of the possible stories to use for this assignment. Set a timer for 10 minutes andstart writing. Don’t worry about spelling, mechanics, details or word choice—don’t stop for anything—justkeep going. Repeat this for two other possible stories for this assignment. Bring this work to class. (You’rewelcome to do this by hand or using a word processor.) –Zero Draft Think of the zero draft as a slightly more focused version of the freewrite sketches above. You should nowknow what you are writing about. Using the developed work from class, work to get the whole story on thepage. This means beginning, middle, and end. Although this doesn’t have to be written entirely asfreewriting—many people find it helpful to start this way. You should plan to spend 45 minutes writing,although of course it’s fine to go longer.

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