Stock price tracking spreadsheet




You must include your final stock price tracking spreadsheet (minimum 6 consecutive weeks of prices) with
your report submission. (Details at end of this document)
Discuss the performance of your company stock, current events in this company and/or in the industry,
economy or political environments that impacted your company during the weeks since your mid-term report.
(2 points)
Make a recommendation of buy more shares of the stock, hold your shares, or sell the shares you purchased.
Why do you recommend this action? Is your recommendation different than your mid-term recommendation
and why? (2 points)
What other investment recommendation would you make such as writing puts or calls, buying puts or calls,
selling short, adding a stop-limit order, etc. Why do you recommend this action? (4 points)
Compare your recommendation now to what you recommended at mid-term. Did you make an educated
recommendation at mid-term or did you follow your emotions for the mid-term recommendation? What did you
learn about making recommendations when you only have a short period of information (i.e. the mid-term
point) on which to make your recommendation? (5 points)




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