The Power Project (Self-Regulation) Reflection



Identify ONE behavior that you believe will promote your success ((e.g., take better notes, attend all classes, reduce procrastination, avoid laziness, study more, etc.).

2.Consider implementing that behavior over a two week period.

3.Below are 10 questions to contemplate as you reflect on the change process.

Write a 2-3 page reflection (in paragraph form) that addresses all of the following questions:

What was your overall goal for this project?
Describe the behavior you attempted to change. Did you aim to initiate, increase, maintain, decrease OR stop a particular behavior?
Why did you choose to change this behavior? How will you benefit from changing this behavior?
What specific changes did you make in order to change this behavior? What steps did you take to make these changes?
How did your self-talk dialog change? What negative statements did you replace? What positive statements did you replace the negative statements with?
What punishments did you impose upon yourself during the process? Why?
What reinforcements did you reward yourself with during the process? Why?
Who was your project partner? How did this person assist you in your quest for change?
What was your overall experience with changing this behavior?
Do you feel that you reached your goal? Why or why not? What would you do differently?

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