Watch one of two movies:Matrix (1999) – available for stream

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Watch one of two movies:Matrix (1999) – available for streaming on NetflixWar Games (1983) – available for streaming on Amazon PrimeWe will be grading based on how convincingly you argue the following questions and for the completeness/cohesiveness of your responses. This is an argumentative paper and should be written in complete sentences and you should check your grammar before submitting. In a 1-and-a-half to 2 page paper, please:1) summarize the plot of the film2) explain if the hacking characters were acting maliciously toward another party (for example, the government) and/or if they were engaging in prosocial behavior3) Try to apply the ‘Hacking Ethics’ to the film (listed below, but also in the Hacking Powerpoint)•Computers can change your life for the better•You can create art and beauty on a computer•Hackers should be judged by their hacking•Access to computers should be unlimited•All info should be free•Mistrust Authority

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