“Orientalism Today”


1.What is hybridity? How does this concept apply to Orientalism?
2. What does the author say about the relationship between Orientalism and 19C colonialism?
3. What is colonialism, and how did it shape “the Orient” in the 19C?
4. What is a “fixed binary system?”
5. In brief, how did Homi Bhaba dispute but also expand upon Said’s conception of Orientalism?
6. Discuss several of the issues raised by the appeal of Orientalist painting for “Oriental“ collectors and museum collections (such as Doha’s Orientalist Museum).
7. How do you interpret the Brahim Alaoui quote at the top of page 2?
8. In what ways can the act of collecting and/or exhibiting Orientalist works “remake” these objects and
mediate their meanings?
9. Describe Lalla Essaydi’s appropriation and remaking of Delacroix’s Women of Algiers.
10. What is “the private space of the veil?”
11. What are some of the stereotypes (both Eastern + Western) that Essaydi challenges and disputes in
her work?


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