‘Research on effects of Indians’ travel decisions abroad post CoVid’


The million dollar question runs in everyone’s mind is what my proposal of research topic is. Generally people do travel across for various reasons right from education to leisure tourism. But what we right now face is something new and completely unimaginable. Of course the world has faced many pandemic situations even before 5000 years ago such as Circa, Plague, Yellow Fever, Flu, Ebola, Zika etc. but this pandemic and extensive series of lockdowns across the globe is new-fangled with people as more of technology is involved and it does play a vital role. Be it travel within the country or across the countries the situation and intention of people who take up general visits to meet up their friends and families is only through Skype and video calls now. Henceforth there are certain views on abroad travel to make it possible be it for any reasons such as:
a) Queue at immigration will be longer than even before.
b) There would be more of documents to be carried more than a passport and a visa.
c) Travel will definitely have different expenses.
d) Recovery phase is uneven as the spreading cases fluctuates in getting cured at different countries.
e) Packing of needs will be completely different.
f) No wonder that all the passengers would take up travel insurance with seriousness.
g) The society and fellow passengers might no longer even look at you’re a little sick.
h) To all the preferable places passengers might prefer trains than planes since its open, airy and more environment friendly than the closed cabins of the aircrafts.
i) Air quality worthiness will be an advertised feature.
Right from the turnaround times, social distancing at the airport and on board through cabin cleansing after each flight, limitations on in flight service provisions, airport health checks, security screening, immigration procedures may even take a longer time to process inside the airport.
The generic reasons like education, tourism, visiting family and friends, overseas employment, exchange programmes etc has now come to an end or on a second thought the process to take up travelling abroad might itself give a lack and makes disinterested as they do not want to risk up their lives no matter what age group they are of.
Ultimately post Covid scenario, even there are many opportunities for people to travel, as Indians would they be really like to travel risking them and their lives or simply make it a drop out choice? Though there are many reasons for people to claim that there is always an online mode – right from the education to the payment, not all the sectors of people could follow and incorporate the mode of technology. So the most effect reasons would be based on the decision making aspects from an air travel passenger completely differentiates from other modes of transport. Now what comes the priority in risking their lives even for an abroad travel knowing the cause and effect of the disease.
This research is basically to understand the mindset of the Indian passengers who are more likely into foreign travel in the recent past and that’s how the evolution of many low cost airlines had come into existence and makes the destinations lists go wider. Therefore what’s next to strive them more to keep up their travel across the countries.


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