The concept “speech communities”

In Morgan (2014), you read about speech communities. The concept “speech communities” comes from an interpretive methodological perspective for studying culture. For this question, reflect on what you learned in that reading as well as in Martin and Nakayama (2017) about the ethnography of communication and the SPEAKING framework, which are interpretive frameworks as well.

Define and cite the meaning of speech communities using Morgan (2014).
Now, clearly draw on that definition to identify a speech community of which you are apart.
Finally, write a rich description of a communicative situation. Apply the SPEAKING mnemonic (see Martin & Nakayama, 2017, pp. 87) to a communicative situation of your choice. This may be a scene from a movie, a conversation that you took part in, a conversation that you observed, or any other interaction that strikes you as interesting. Make sure to define each element of the SPEAKING mnemonic, use the mnemonic terms clearly as you address each one, and apply each element to the communicative situation you choose to analyze.



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