What about traveling and playing games?

You are given a data file containing observations for dating (see OA 6.6). Someone who dated 1000 people (!) recorded data about how much that person travels (Miles), plays games (Games), and eats ice cream (Icecream). With this, the decision about that person (Like) is also noted. Use this data to answer the following questions using R:

a. Is there a relationship between eating ice cream and playing games? What about traveling and playing games? Report correlation values for these and comment on them.

b. Let us use Miles to predict Games. Perform regression using Miles as the predictor and Games as the response variable. Show the regression graph with the regression line. Write the line equation.

c. Now let us see how well we can cluster the data based on the outcome (Like). Use Miles and Games to plot the data and color the points using Like. Now cluster the data using k-means and plot the same data using clustering information. Show the plot and compare it with the previous plot. Provide your thoughts about how well your clustering worked in two to four sentences

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