What is Literature and Why Bother?

What is Literature and Why Bother?

The first half of the response should explain what you consider to be Literature. How is it different from, say, general stories or reading? Who decides what is considered “good” Literature (the kind we’re all ‘supposed’ to read and know)? Is there a certain length requirement? Does the author have to meet certain requirements like education level, personal background, age or style? Does Literature have to be grammatically correct? Does it have to be unique from anything previously written? Does a magazine article count? How about a comic book? Song lyrics? A speech? Can it be written yesterday or does it have to be more than, say, 10/20/50 years ago?

After you’ve answered this part, think about why you are taking this course (besides that someone in charge said you had to). For many, taking a Literature course seems unnecessary considering their choice of major and future career goals. Still, most if not all schools and majors require at least one course in Literature. Why? What is to be gained by studying and learning to analyze Literature if it’s not something you’ll use directly in your career? Is there still worth to be found in dissecting these texts like we’re mining for gold…is there any left to be discovered?

This will be a completely opinion based response. Please provide examples.

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