Why do millenials like to buy international premier  Italy brands cloths in Kuwait?

Considering your research question and the purpose of your research: Why do millenials like to buy international premier  Italy brands cloths in Kuwait?

  • Write down your revised research topic and question(s)
  • Identify the main concepts your research wants to address, wants to relate (example: satisfaction, service quality, customer loyalty, destination image, motivation factors, etc.);
  • Try to identify your dependent variable(s) and independent variable(s)

Step 3: Literature review

  • Literature review
  • To start structuring your literature review, select 10 to 20 academic journal articles that can somehow inspire you on your research (each week, this list is to be improved)
    • Look at their literature review: how the authors have structured it? What seem to be their conceptual framework?
    • How did they address their research question and purposes (methodological choices, methods) How did they collect data? (interviews, survey)
    • Compare them

      • Example of a possible writing of a  comparison:
        • “Author X (2012) states that customer satisfaction is a result of service quality. Although this seems to be the dominant approach, some other authors are claiming against what they called “dangerous, fallacious causal research conclusions” (Author Y 2014 p. 6), advocating a constructivist approach to address the topic of customer satisfaction.

Step 4: Brainstorming about sampling possibilities:

  • Where can you find people (your sample) to participate in your study? How can you contact them?
    • Explore your network of contacts, go to Linkedin, talk to people about your research idea and ask for suggestions;
      • If not feasible, you have to change something in your research idea, research question, etc, so it can correspond to a doable research
    • – Is it probability or non-probability

– Convenience

– Sample size, etc.

Check Coherency table attached and guidelines for inspiration on page 211 “Progressing your research project”

Step 5. Methodology/research design ideas

  • Make reflection applicable to your research on each “onion layer” (skip 2 layers on philosophy and approach). Write about your:

– type of research (exploratory, explanatory, evaluative, etc)

– methodological choice (mixed, mono-qualitative, mono-quantitative)

– strategy (survey, case-study, etc) or no defined strategy which fits (e.g. qualitative research with

– time horizon (cross sectional or longitudinal)

– data collection (questionnaire, interviews, focus-groups, observatio


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