Wk 1 – Infographic on Learning Theories [due Mon]Assignment

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Wk 1 – Infographic on Learning Theories [due Mon]Assignment ContentResearch infographic designs and how they can be used as a learning tool. Create an infographic outlining the main principles and relevant theorists of the Behaviorist, Cognitive, and Connectionist approaches to learning.Note: There are free infographic design sites available, such as Venngage, Piktochart and Canva that offer free design templates. (Click on the site you prefer IN the instructions)Assume you are creating this infographic to teach your peers in this class. What are the main principles you feel should be highlighted for your audience? How will you structure your infographic to emphasize these ideas? Your infographic must include the following:A reference to the key theorists of each approach to learning and their contributionsThe main principles of each approachTwo ways in which each approach differsTwo ways in which they are similarSubmit your assignment using APA formatting.Include at least two references

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