Assignment 4: Open Source Intelligence Open sources can prov

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Assignment 4: Open Source Intelligence Open sources can provide a wealth of information without having to rely on classified sources. Using open sources (essentially a web search) answer the following four questions. For some of the searches, Wikipedia may be a starting or intermediate point, but please do not use it as your final destination. As much as possible, use official and/or government sources.For each of your answers, please provide the URL of the source or sources you used. Please try to use multiple sources to cross-check the data, particularly if they are non-official sources. For some questions, the more specific you are, the better the score. 1. Foreign intelligence services view US aircraft carriers as perhaps the major means of projecting US military power. How many aircraft carriers does the US have and what is their current location? 2. Transnational terrorism obviously is a major concern for intelligence services. One particular issue is that of recruiting in particular countries. What country has provided the largest number of recruits by percentage of its population to Islamic State? How many total recruits has it provided? 3. How many gangs are there in Buffalo, what is their total membership, and in what general areas are they most prevalent? What are the names of the larger gangs? 4. What are the largest transnational drug trafficking organizations, who are their leaders, where are their main operating areas, and how much product do they handle?

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