Configure global supply chain for Ikea



You have been invited to present in front of the top management team (TMT) of Ikea.
As an expert in international business, the TMT seeks your advice on how they should thinking about
configuring their global value and supply chain in the future.
The goal of the TMT is to have supply and value chains that are both competitive and sustainable.
As you can imagine, this is a very challenging goal not only because sometimes there are tensions between
competitiveness and sustainability, but also because both aspects are complex.
The TMT realizes they are asking a very difficult and broad question. However, they are confident that your
expertise and novel ideas can help them think about how they should prepare their supply and value chain for
the future.
Your essay should be addressed to the TMT and provide compelling, informed, organized, and thoughtful
As a starting point, you should read the IKEA case in our course packet, then conduct independent research
on how Ikea’s global supply and value chains have changed.
To this, you should add readings about developments in the areas of global supply and value chain
management as well as become informed on what the future of globalization entails.
These are not the only areas you should consider as relevant for research, but they are a good starting point.
The TMT of Ikea looks forward to learning your novel and informed ideas that can help them take their
organization successfully into the future.







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