Leadership manifesto


Leadership Philosophy:The purpose of this section is to argue a position about what good leadership is and what good leaders do. In your argument, be sure to reference theories about leadership (using solid research) and feel free to discuss your experience working as or for a leader and how those work experiences helped you form your personal leadership philosophy. 2. Self-SWOT: The purpose of this section is to evaluate your own strengths based upon the characteristics you explained in the Leadership Philosophy section. This self-SWOT should ask the following questions:
Leadership/Management Action Plan: The purpose of this section is to show how you will grow from where you are today into the type of manager you described in Part 1: Leadership Philosophy through an Action Plan. What are some specific activities and/or experiences that will help you develop weaker areas and maximize areas of strength before you complete the degree program? Who are some mentors you can identify who will help you develop? How will you use the control process and incorporate feedback data to continually improve your management technique as you grow throughout the next few semesters? Develop at least three action points in your action plan.

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