Research on News



Do you believe everything that you read or see? Where is the boundary between true news and fake news? Learning to consider the source of information, to check evidence used to support arguments and to ask if it is the full story, these are important skills in being a functional adult.

Your task:
Choose a current news item, it can be written, video, social media..
Choose a topic with general different viewpoints– Examples :
Are wearing face masks effective in combatting Covid 19?
Does music help you study?
Is Covid quarantine or lockdown worth it?
Is a vaccine close?
Is climate warming a fact?
Things to think about:
What is the report trying to say?
Comment on the reliability of the source.
What was good about this article.
What was missing, is there anything misleading or not said?
Was data used? Was the source explained? Are you happy with how it was collected? Was it used appropriately? Could it have been interpreted in another way?
Were graphs used? Misleading? Labelled? Sourced?
Is there any bias? Explain.
Summarise, that is your conclusion about the credibility or reliability of the report that you found?




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