The Impact & Challenges of Ride-hailing services app in the country


to write a formal approximately 1200 word proposal

In your proposal, you need to focus on the following sections :

a. Background to the research problem
Here you will describe the topic(s) or issue(s) you wish to investigate for your Dissertation. These must relate to the subjects that comprise your program of study.

b. Research objectives, questions, or hypothesis
Here you state exactly what it is you are seeking answers to so clearly indicate what your aims /objectives/research questions or hypothesis will be.

c. Literature review
The topic must have a theoretical content which is outlined in the literature review and this must be supported by references to academic literature, using the Harvard system. The literature review provides the platform of understanding for the work to come and is not merely a report but a critical analysis of the available information.

d. Methodology
An outline methodology with an explanation of the research instruments you intend to use .

e. Outline of data collection tools
Outline information about the potential sample

f. Explanation of how data might be analysed
Foreseen Limitations
g. Research schedule/Timeline

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