Video: The Behaving Brain (In: Novel Voc

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Video: The Behaving Brain (In: Novel Vocabulary: describing ideal subject for observationClass:.Please take notes in margin where neededBehaving Brain: key terms: maze, learn, scopalomine, saline, amnesia, lesion, physiostingmine, acetylocholine, dendrite, soma, axon, transmitter * Pay attention to the descriptions of brain Peripheral and Anatomical/Endocrine structures performing INHERENT behaviors (properties). These include: brain stem, hippocampus, amygdala, thalamus. Hypothalamus, cerebellum, cerebrum, and cortex, What are these functions? 1. Overview:a. What is the physical model described in the book and video of how the brain (neuron) transfers stimuli into responses?b. What evidence was provided for localized functions inherent to specifici anatomical brain structures during execution of behavior and mental processes?C. What evidence was provided for globalized functions not inherent to a particular anatomical brain structure operating during execution of behavior and mental processes??d. What methods were used to examine (measure) brain structures (subjects)?e. What is neurometrics? Who is E. Roy John? What clinical phenomena does he suggest neuromefrics allows examination of?See the attached picture for you to answer the questionsThere’s a website for watching videos on the paper

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