Develop E.R Diagram, Redraw Case Diagram, Normalize Relation

Question 1

Review and redraw the below use case diagram. In the new use case diagram you need to represent all the relationship types (including generalization or inheritance; include and extend relationship). (15 points)

Question 2

Normalize the below relation into its third Normal form (3NF) relations, make sure to show as well the relations in their second (2NF) normal forms. (25 points)

Question 3

Convert the below Conceptual Entity Relationship (E. R.) diagram into a logical relational model. (20 points)

Question 4

In a press company each publisher has its own unique code, full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and skill: skill type and description. A publisher may have different types of skills. A publisher may also have up to three phone numbers. A publisher publishes one or more book(s); a book is published by exactly one publisher. A book is uniquely identified by its ISBN. Moreover, a book is described using other attributes; such as: title, price and number of pages. Each book contains one to many book’s chapters, and each chapter must belong to one book only. A book’s chapter is partially identified by its number, and other attributes such as: chapter title. Each book is written by one or more author(s); an author may write many books. Each author is uniquely identified by an author ID. In addition, author’s name: first name and last name, and address are added to the author information.

From the above scenario, you are required to develop a complete E. R. diagram. This E. R. diagram should represent all the entities (including the weak and associative entities if applicable), their attributes, the primary key for each entity, the relationships between entities, and cardinalities (minimum and maximum). (25 points)

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