Discussions And Assignmnt.

Module 5 Discussion

Go to Public Health Jobs Account and search for a job in the field of Environmental Health. Your original post should discuss the following items.

1.) What is the job?

2.) What education is required for this job?

3.) What is the salary range for the job?

4.) Are there any requirements for the job besides education?

5.) How does this job fit in either the field of Environmental Health?

Then, comment on one or more student’s original post by providing additional information you found about the job and what they could do to obtain the job.

Module 4 Assignment

Review the assigned articles The State of Food Security in the World 2018 (FAO, 2018; pp. xii-xv: Key Messages and Executive Summary), and the WHO Nutrition Global Targets 2025 (WHO, 2014) and the Overview tab.

Part 1: Briefly identify one of the WHO (2014) 2025 Global Targets that is significant to the issue of global nutrition. Describe ONE of the Key Messages from the FAO (2018) report (p. xii) that identifies a corresponding issue. Include an in-text citation for the information you draw from each of the two sources.

Part 2: Access the Numbeo website which allows you to review food prices around the world (in either Western or Asian food types). How much does it cost in USD currency for a month’s worth of groceries in a US city near you? Select a country from the list below and compare the two costs. What did you find?

Part 3: Access and review the Mercy Corps website. Most of the world’s poorest people survive on an income of US $1.25 per day. Briefly, how might you afford food for yourself and your family in such a circumstance? What strategies or interventions would you recommend to address the issue you selected in Part 1?

Each response should be approximately 100-200 words. Include at least two different in-text reference citations. In-text reference citations e.g., (Author, Date) should be used for attribution when summarizing content (see the guidance provided in the Additional Resources folder on the course home page). A full reference citation is not required for this assignment.

Module 4 Activity & Discussion

Activity Instructions

1. Visit the “Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)” website and navigate through the various links to become familiar with the nation-wide annual survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

2. Read the web document “At a Glance: Conducting the 2011 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)” for an overview on how BRFSS data is collected. Notice that there was a new methodology adopted in 2011.

3. Read the web document “Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System: A Vital Tool for CDC Winnable Battles” to learn how the CDC uses the surveillance system to support public health prevention activities.

4. Discuss the BRFSS with your assigned group. Consider how participants are surveyed and the new methodology that was adopted in 2011. Suggest and discuss ways that the collection of the data may have affected the results that were obtained before and after the new methodology was implemented. You must provide at least one substantive group discussion post by Thursday at 11:59PM ET.

5. Then, consider the BRFSS questions that are related to the CDC winnable battles. Suggest and discuss additional survey questions regarding those topic areas that you feel may better inform the development of public health policy and planning. You must provide at least one additional group discussion post by Sunday at 11:59PM ET.

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