The Human Population and Feedback Loops


Provide an example of an issue in any context, i.e. environmental, social, educational, or financial (that has not
yet been used in the course content or presented by your peers) and explain the factors contributing to the
Represent the issue within both the context of a negative feedback loop with a balanced outcome and in a
positive feedback loop with an amplified outcome.
Discussion post 2:
Water, Food, and Climate: Local and Global Issues
he climate of the earth is influenced by the amount of solar energy the earth receives and the composition of
earth’s atmosphere. The earth has more carbon dioxide in its atmosphere now than it ever has during the
existence of humans.
Watch the Click and Learn Video on the HHMI Biointeractive website entitled Paleoclimate: A history of
Change at the link
Explain the reasons why the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased dramatically in the past
150 years.
The rise of carbon dioxide affects global temperatures and causes climate change. Climate for the most part
has changed throughout the history of the earth, gradually over thousands of years, explain two consequences
of rapid climate change to life on earth.



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