1. Contrast the broadest definition of wildlife with the narrower, management-focused definition. Use examples.
2. How has our concept of ‘vermin’ changed over the last century? Use Kentucky examples.
3. Contrast direct and indirect management models, with examples.
4. Other than the examples I mentioned in the lecture, provide an example of different countries that predominantly use each historical model of wildlife management, one country for each model.
5. Most of the principles of the N. American model of wildlife conservation are most aligned with modern democratic systems of government? Why? Be specific in your explanation. Use examples.
6. Contrast distribution and dispersion and dispersal and migration. What would be a reason for uniform dispersion? For natal dispersal? What are the mechanisms or routes of dispersal?
7. Compare AND contrast the modern roles of natural historian and scientist.
8. You have old, tough grass and other nutrient-poor forage. Who will do best on it, a cow-like species or a horse-like species (antelope or zebra)? Why?
9. Using the USA.jobs, state employment job boards, and/or the TAMU wildlife jobs board (https://wfscjobs.tamu.edu/job- board/), find jobs that align with three of the careers in wildlife discussed in class. Paste the first few lines of the jobs here.

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