Synthesis Activity•For this activity, you will be looking

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Synthesis Activity•For this activity, you will be looking at three different articles from three distinctly different viewpoints regarding Sex Ed in America. •Each article is discussing a different facet of the situation and is from a different publication. After you have read each article, you will answer the questions on the following slide in a word doc and submit your typed activity to the Canvas dropbox by Wednesday night (2/26) at midnight. •Contact me with questions. We will be discussing this in class on Thursday. 正在载入…Group Activity 1.Who do you think the target audience is for EACH publication? (include several of the following: age, race, political views, education level, etc.) 2.How does EACH article frame Sex Ed in public schools and the current problems and issues surrounding them?3.What similar elements arguments or information run through EACH of the articles? (what is the same?) 4.What is different about EACH article? What sets it apart from the other viewpoints on the issue? 5.What different (separate) viewpoints or groups are being discussed across all three articles?6.Based on these pieces alone, what would you say are the main problems and concerns involved in this social issue?7.Arrange the pieces (#1-3) in the order you think they should be presented in a Synthesis essay and justify your choices by explaining why you ordered them this way. Article Links•The Atlantic•Fox Entertainment•Rolling Stone

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