Analyses with Pecha Kucha Presentation

Conduct three (3) interviews – one with an adolescent, an adult, and a senior. Determine the most useful questions to ask based on your understanding of the individual. Include concepts that will provide examples of psychoanalytic, learning, cognitive, biological, and ecological theories. Potential questions/topics include –

Adolescent: Tell me about your parents, siblings, other family, friends, neighbors, pets, school, teachers, favorite foods, favorite activities. What are your responsibilities at home? What do you want to do when you grow up? What is good/are the challenges about being the age that you are?
Adult: What were you like as a child? Describe your parents’ marriage, past/current friends. How did you spend summers, holidays? Describe your goals, memories about your first car, first date, and/or most memorable event. What is good/are the challenges about being the age that you are?
Senior: Travel through time. Birthdate and location. Discuss your life and influences on development. Describe memories of world events or other experiences. Reminisce about dating, parents, parenting, teenage life, job/career path or relationships. What are your regrets, disappointments, and/or happy experiences? What is good/are the challenges about being the age that you are?
In your analysis, determine what you learned from each interviewee’s stage of life. Do not re-state every response to your interview questions. Focus on how each interview is connected to lifespan development theories.

Pecha Kucha is a fast-paced, creative presentation style. Prepare 20 PowerPoint slides and talk about each one for 20 seconds (Total presentation time – 6 minutes, 40 seconds). This is your opportunity to describe your interviewees’ responses in a brief format. Illustrate theories highlighted in your analysis. It is important to practice your presentation.

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