My major is Business Economics, and please use correct MLA f

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My major is Business Economics, and please use correct MLA format, this is very important. Assignment: Research a profession or topic that is related to your major field of study and identify how environmentalism is affecting it. The goal is to inform your readers about your field and then to introduce an environmental dilemma that has surfaced and discuss how it is being resolved. For this research project, you have two tasks. First, investigate the field you are pursuing, perhaps narrowing this to a specific career choice, and explain how environmental issues have an impact on this area. In your second section, identify, report on and analyze this environmental concern. How large and important is the issue? Is it universally agreed that this is a serious problem? Is there controversy associated with it? How is the issue addressed and by whom? Are there government regulations? Is the general public aware and concerned? Are there solutions and are they adequate? Should more be done? Take a position on the best steps to be taken regarding this topic. This essay will require you to conduct library research and acknowledge sources using MLA research formats. Visiting the Writing Center during the drafting process is required. Notes: First, briefly present the topic of the environment. You can do this by studying the readings and information provided in the class reader. Then you will present a background section. Here you will give your readers a detailed overview of your field and its relationship to environmental studies. Then, in the next section, you will report on an environmental concern or dilemma in this field. As you begin thinking about this research topic, consider who the audience of your paper will be. The organization, evidence, and tone of your paper will vary depending upon whom you are writing for. Possible audiences to consider are professionals in the field, your fellow students, legislators, a newspaper or magazine audience, or professionals involved in the field. It is also important to consider what your readers’ positions and backgrounds are on the topic. Knowing this information will help guide the research and writing process. You must use a minimum of five sources by the final draft. The final draft will also include works cited and an annotated bibliography.Page Limits:

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