Orientation and Onboarding


A new employee that has just been hired becomes acquainted with the organization as well as his or her new coworkers, department, and job during orientation. This is a time for the organization to help the employee assimilate to the new culture of the organization. Orientation would typically last for one to two days, although for some organizations, this may be longer.

Onboarding plans can be informal or formal. In an informal onboarding program, an employee can learn about their job without a given structured plan. Then the employee is left to figure out the rest of the acclimation process.

A formal onboarding program is much more structured. The formal onboarding program can start during the recruitment and selection process and can last for several months to a year or more on the job. The formal onboarding program is typically a coordinated effort among supervisors, HR, and colleagues of the new employee. For some leadership roles, members of the senior leadership or executives may also be involved.

Based on the information provided, please create a structured onboarding program for a new employee that addresses the following elements. Assume that this is for an entry-level HR Assistant position for a large global financial institution:

In terms of tasks and socialization, teach the new employee about his or her new role.
Find a way to integrate the new employee into the established culture and norms.
Help the employee create new relationships and have a sense of acceptance from the organization.






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