Surveys on American values.



In this assignment, you will use web-based data and reports to document an example of surveys on American values. The paper must include a minimum of 5 references in APA format at the end of the paper (Note that any references in the references list should be cited in the body of the paper).

American Values Assessment: due end of Week 8.

Before writing your paper, access the website below:

Findings presented by The Public Religion Research Institute represent a random sample of Americans who were respondents in the PRRI American Values Survey.

Choose one of the major topics, click on “Read the Analyses,” and report findings presented in the PRRI website. Choose at least two of the major findings reported in the Analyses for that topic to discuss.

(1) Write a 4-5 page double spaced paper that presents two major findings of your chosen topic with an explanation of their significance using 5 reliable and reputable sources (You may use some news outlets that present information in an unbiased way such as NPR or a research organization that does independent analysis, but avoid media outlets with an obvious partisan slant such as Fox News on the one hand, or MSNBC on the other; several of your sources should be from the class or from peer-reviewed articles outside of class that you have identified using a library search). The details are up to you, but you should demonstrate a good understanding of how to situate the findings in relation to broader themes from literature in the course, or to do the additional research necessary while relying on reputable sources. Click here for UMUC guidelines on what constitutes credible source material and here for questions to ask yourself, particularly as you investigate web-based sources.

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