Deep seeded causes of the American Revolution



Discuss the deep seeded causes of the American Revolution tracing its origins from the beginning of English colonization of North America (circa 1580-1600) and following its progress through the Revolutionary Era of the 1760s and 1770s. (You should be able to write this after completing Chapters 1-4 of America: A Narrative History.)

Midterm Essay Guidelines:

For full credit, answers must be written at a college level and in your own words. Do not simply copy the textbook. Be sure to answer the question completely. NOTE: Midterm essays and all assignments are meant to be open book. Don’t attempt to memorize every detail while reading. It’s more important to learn the information than to memorize it. The response to each midterm exam prompt needs to be no less than 750 words in length or about 2.5 pages in 12 point font. Use Times font in 12 point size, double spaced with 1 inch margins. Be sure to include footnote citations and works cited. Include an accurate word count at the end of the essay that does NOT include footnotes or works cited.




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