Discuss rationale for why this intervention was chosen and how it is based on the needs of the practicum site.

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

CO1: Examine the role of the DNP-prepared nurse in leading financial planning and management across healthcare settings. (PO 2, 4, 9)

CO2: Formulate a needs-based organizational assessment to inform strategic leadership decision-making (PO 3, 5, 7)

CO3: Develop strategies to lead project planning, implementation, management, and evaluation to promote high value healthcare. (PO 3, 5, 7)


  1. As background to this assignment,  refer to the Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice by K. T. Waxman text. Based on the information provided in Waxman and the work you have completed on your proposed DNP Practicum Project, develop a project plan that includes the following:
  2. Review the Graduate Re-Purpose Policy in the Student Handbook, page 15

Repurposed Work Graduate students have the opportunity to use previously submitted ideas as a foundation for future courses. No more than 50 percent of an assignment, excluding references, may be repurposed from another University course. Previous course assignments that are deemed building blocks will be notated in the syllabus by the course leader. As with every assignment, students must uphold academic integrity; therefore, students must follow the guidelines for remaining academically honest according to the Academic Integrity policy. If the instructor is not made aware of the repurposing of an assignment, the submission will be treated as plagiarized work if not properly referenced

  1. Use of the following subheadings as Level 1 headers to organize your paper:
    1. Executive Summary (place prior to paper in place of the abstract)
      1. Provide a one-page well-formulated executive summary of key points of the project plan.
      2. This will include a brief summary that includes the problem statement, significance of the problem, evidence to support the project change, and your project implementation plan, and evaluation plan.
    2. Introduction
      1. Start your introduction with a powerful statement or two to stimulate interest.
      2. Identify the purpose of your paper.
  • Present the purpose of your proposed project. Begin your formal purpose statement by stating, “The purpose of the proposed DNP project is to…”
  1. Provide a preview of what the paper will include with a strong thesis sentence.
  1. Problem Statement and Significance of the Practice Problem (include in-text citations)
    1. Present your problem statement.
    2. Examine the issue and its significance from a global perspective.
  • Consider the issue and its significance from a nationwide perspective.
  1. Discuss the issue and its significance within the practicum site.
  2. Describe current practice/process leading to the issue.
  3. Discuss available data to document the need identified by primary decision maker(s) at practicum site.
  1. PICOT Question
    1. Based on the need of the practicum site, present a PICOT question in one sentence.
    2. Based on the needs of the practicum site, briefly describe in one or two sentences each part of your PICOT question.
  2. Project Implementation and Evaluation Plan
    1. Clearly define the DNP project evidence-based intervention related to your PICOT question.
    2. Discuss rationale for why this intervention was chosen and how it is based on the needs of the practicum site.

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